Hello, Hello.

I bring happy and sad tidings. In just a few weeks, we will officially dissolve the non-profit corporation we created for Fandom Rocks. However, in that same time frame we will make our final donation to the charities you selected. So far, everyone out there has helped raise $3,000 USD. Can we add some on top of that to make the donations, say, an even $2,000 for each charity?

All of the receipts from our auction!
Check out all of the receipts from our auction! The auction was a huge part of the success of the fifth campaign.

To try to make that happen, we are offering that remaining auction items that were not won or paid for, plus a couple of DVDs a fan generously contributed to the cause.

For every $10 you donate between now and February 14, you will receive one entry in a random drawing to win your choice of the three sets of prizes pictured below.

  • Donate $10 = 1 entry
  • Donate $20 = 2 entries
  • Donate $50 and we will give you an extra entry! $50 = 6 entries!

And so on. Thank you for your support for the last few years. I am very proud we lasted this long and came together as a fandom to help a number of charities.

Please help us one last time to make the last campaign for Fandom Rocks a success!

Prize set #1.
Prize set #1: Cry Wolf DVD, In the Hunt book, signed Chad card, and large reversible key chain of the boys.

Prize set #2.
Prize set #2: Autographed Stargate photo, Autographed Reaper photo, Cry Wolf DVD, and smaller reversible key chain of the boys.

Prize set #3.
Prize set #3: Magazine with Jensen Ackles interview, Xena action figure, and two sets of collectible SPN cards.