Everyone on the Fandom Rocks Frontline apologizes for the long silence! We’ve been wrapping up the auction details, filing annual reports, etc.

The good news is the auction helped raise the campaign total to $3,000 USD! Plus, we are extending Campaign Five into Season Five! This means we have all season to increase the donation we are going to make to the American Cancer Society in honor of Kim Manners and to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention!

To do this, we need your help!

Please let people know about the campaign. We have random prize drawings for donors planned in the upcoming weeks. Keep an eye out for that!

If you have ideas for bringing new people into the Fandom Rocks world, share them with us! This may very well be our last campaign, and we want to go out with a bang (not a whimper) if it is!

Spread the word and keep rockin’!