This weekend marked a rather significant milestone for Fandom Rocks. We completed our first campaign, and the donation for Lawrence Community Shelter was delivered in person. Dana tackled the Labor Day roads to travel from Champaign, Illinois to Lawrence, Kansas. However, there is nothing quite like a road trip on a long weekend, so don’t feel too badly for her.

The podcast this week features audio from the ceremony outside the shelter, as well as a casual interview with Loring Henderson, Executive Director of the shelter, and Anne Bracker from the board of directors. Fandom Rocks would like to thank everyone from the community who attended the ceremony — board members, shelter staff and guests, and neighborhood residents. A special note of thanks goes to Nancy Baym from for her interest and conversation. Thank you to George Diepenbrock from LJ-World for taking the time in a busy weekend to support our event, and thank you to Peter Jasso from the Kansas Film Commission for traveling to Lawrence and donating promotional items to Fandom Rocks. (Look for a post soon on how we are going to get those items out to you, our first campaign donors.) Last, but not least, we would be remiss if we did not thank Loring and Anne for coordinating the event and spending much of their day with Dana.

Enjoy the podcast! Photos and a detailed post on the weekend will arrive, hot off the press, after Dana explores the roads back to Illinois.


Links mentioned in the podcast:
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Uma Floresta: (“Low Tide” is featured at the end of the podcast)